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                    Pioneer Inspection and Engineering Services Pvt Ltd. (PIES) is Offshore Inspection, Maintenance Services & Consulting firm formed to serve Marine, Oil & Gas industry with quality Inspection & Testing Solutions. We are an Indian Government registered company. PIES comes with a vastly experience hands on top management with over 100 man years of team experience. Officially we are registered in 2014 as a firm on the name Pioneer Inspection Services and we upgraded as a private limited company in December 2020. We Associated member of IADC & ASNT, We have ISO 9001:2015 Quality management system and ABS, IRS approved for thickness surveys as well as under process approval of DNV-GL In-water & Thickness survey with aptly qualified proficient personnel who are dedicated to providing our clients with complete comprehensive inspection & testing services & on-site reports, both written and verbal. Our team has a very special focus on the safety & quality of service to meet or exceed the client expectation. We are also collaborated with Dean Rope Access Service ltd, United Kingdom for rope access services. Dean Rope Access Services is a renowned for its quality & safe Rope Access service in North Sea. And Dunnimaa Engineers & Divers Enterprises Pvt Ltd India. For underwater maintenance and Inspection.


            Our continued success is dependent on increasing the loyalty of our customers. Listening attentively to customers to truly understand their needs and then delivering services for customer success. With this shared vision built the Company together, from the individual employee through to the corporate level. Growth comes on taking smart risks, based on our quality & customer satisfaction. Our medium-to-long-term corporate vision clearly sets out how we visualize ourselves as a company, the direction in which we plan to progress, and the areas in which we aim to expand our business with great success.


            At Pioneer Inspection, we view quality as an integral part of our business management. Attitude or mind-set and commitment enhance quality improvement, which is an essential business strategy and personal responsibility for everyone at PIS. Quality in management is vital for leveraging innovations and improving productivity in general. We believe that quality lies in meeting and exceeding customer expectations. Taking this personally, we are able to deliver world-class quality to our customers.

            Pioneer Inspection provides the best possible inspections services with the current strength of existing equipment and personnel. The company have own procedures which complies international standards & performs the inspections in accordance with the policies and procedures outlined as per international standards like but not limited to API, DS-1, ASME and ANSI Codes, which clearly elucidates equipment used for inspections, inspection performance, equipment calibration and standardization schedule, and making reporting procedures etc.
          Pioneer Inspection also ensures that the safe keeping of equipment and appropriate technology is made available to our staff to enable them to carry out their functions in a professional manner. The Company has in support strong engineering and knowledge base for selection of equipment which meets international safety standards. Development of a qualified Inspector is attained through professional excellence, in house quality management courses and constant up gradation of technique and related skills on a continuous basis. Housekeeping, Health and Safety aspects are addressed in a proficient manner, adapting the set principles and procedures.


Our Services

Pioneer has a wide range of Offshore, Energy, Industrial, Marine, Renewable, and Petro-Chemical inspection products, technical expertise (supported by our worldwide alliance / joint venture companies), and is uniquely placed to meet your inspection requirements. All the information needed to make an informed decision on your inspection services can be found on this website. Please contact us if you have any further queries or require information.

Professionals in MPI, UT, ET, DP and RT (PCN and ASNT Standards) level 2 & 3. With Load Test certification under Dock safety.


NDT Professionals in MPI, UT, ET, DP and RT (PCN and ASNT Standards) level 2 & With Load test certification under Dock safety.

BHA Inspection

Bottom Hole Assembly (BHA) inspections are carried out as per latest editions of API and DS-1 (3-5) guidelines. BHA inspections services include:

  • Visual Inspections

  • Thread Gauging

  • Wet and Dry Magnetic Particle Inspection

  • Dimensional Inspection

  • Optional service of refacing if required can be provided.

Cargo Handling

Load testing is carried out by competent inspectors who are competent as per local regulations or qualified by LEEA / NSL. In addition they are certified to ASNT Level II. We have customized hydraulic jacking units to load test pad eyes offshore. Hydraulic jacking unit is mounted on the pad eyes and load tested at required proof loads.

  • Inspection and recertification of Containers / Baskets and Pallets

  • Proof load Testing Services

Eddy Current Inspection

Most offshore companies are opting to go in for Eddy Current inspection due to inherent benefits of non-requirement of paint removal for inspection, which is a drawback in the conventional NDT method of MPI. Eddy current eliminates the need of surface preparation and saves lot of time in paint removal and re-application of paint post inspection.

One of the major advantages of Eddy Current as an NDT tool is the variety of inspections and measurements that can be performed. In the proper circumstances, Eddy Currents can be used for:

  • Crack detection

  • Material thickness measurements

  • Coating thickness measurements

  • Conductivity measurements for:

  • 1. Material identifications
    2. Heat damage detection
    3. Case depth determination
    4. Heat treatment monitoring

  • EMI on Body (Tubing)

  • Visual Thread Inspection

  • Full Length Drifting

  • Black Light Inspections

  • Hydraulic Pressure Testing

  • Bucking Services

Pioneer Inspection, has trained and qualified inspectors with on-board experience to carry out Eddy Current inspection onshore and offshore. OSI used Hockings Locater2 Eddy Current set for inspection.

Thickness Gauging Inspection

Our personnel have necessary experience in various aspects of special survey and understand the special requirement survey to deliver accurate reports with tables and drawings.

  • Thickness gauging on Low/High Pressure lines including mud lines, air lines, ballast lines, choke and kill lines/manifolds etc.

  • UT Shear wave inspection for internal defects

Lifting Gear Inspection


Pioneer Inspection can inspect, test and certify all types of lifting appliances on location as per the latest LOLER guidelines. These surveys provide a comprehensive register and database of all hoisting and lifting equipment on a drilling rig and includes both fixed and loose lifting gears. All the equipment is inspected to latest standards of LOLER / API / BS and manufacturers guidelines wherever applicable.

Drill Pipe Inspection

Pioneer Inspection, can provide a full range of pipe inspection while following customer specifications and latest edition of DS-1 or API guidelines. We have state-of-the-art tube inspection equipment to meet API inspection requirements or third party inspections, including full-length wall thickness measurement of the pipe tubes. We also have Varco make EMI of units, conventional ones as well as dual-function units with wall monitoring. Drill Pipe Inspection services includes:

  • Visual body and thread inspection

  • UT Thickness Gauging

  • Thread gauging

  • End Area Inspections

  • Electromagnetic Inspection (EMI)

  • Ultrasonic Inspection On End Area

  • Wet and Dry Magnetic Particle Inspection

  • Dimensional Inspection

  • We also can provide refacing, straightening and pipe internal and external cleaning services.

Casing / Tubing Inspection

Inspection of used casing or tubing is carried out in accordance with API Spec 5CT and the general scope shall include:

  • OD Blasting

  • ID Cleaning

  • Spot Wall Thickness Measurements

  • Grade Sorting

  • EMI on Body (Tubing)

  • Visual Thread Inspection

  • Full Length Drifting

  • Black Light Inspections

  • Hydraulic Pressure Testing

  • Bucking Services

2 - Rope Access

Lifting Gear Inspection


Rope access system (initially developed from Mountaineering techniques) is a form of work positioning system which permits access to difficult to reach locations without use of Scaffolding, Cradles or Aerial platforms. Rope access techniques have been used by the Industry for more than three decades and has an excellent safety track record. Rope access is a time saving, cost effective, safe, and highly adaptable technique.

Pioneer Inspection, with our joint venture company Rope Access Ltd UK, was established in December 2012. The company has been consulting with several offshore companies with regard to a safe and efficient manner to their work scopes with several years of working at height experience. Company has no hesitation to stopping a job that could lead to an LTI although a good planned risk and method statement will reduce any possible (WHAT IFS) when carrying out w work scope.

  • Drops Surveys

  • Crane Inspection

  • Maintenance services

Drops Survey

Pioneer Inspection conducts Drop Object surveys and supports the aims and objectives of the UK's Dropped Objects Prevention Scheme (DROPS). Dropped Object Surveys and Inspections are a key element of dropped object control and prevention management systems.

Pioneer Inspection provides qualified inspectors to conduct a thorough dropped object survey of the derrick and other areas as required. All the areas which are to be inspected are divided under different zones and are surveyed as per Client's dropped object policy. All the findings are recorded in the report with photographic evidence and corrective actions for the same. Report is divided into two parts, one is the Inspection Survey which includes all observations and another is the Failed Items list which covers the items which failed in the survey.

Crane Load testing / Inspection – API RP 2D

Pioneer Inspections experienced technicians conduct crane inspections in accordance with API RD 2D standards and provide recommendations for repair or further inspections. Static and Dynamic load testing are performed as per requirement and we can mobilize calibrated load cells and water bags at short notice to carry out Crane load testing.

Maintenance Services


Pioneer Inspection has experience staff with inducted upgraded in-house trainings for maintenance:

  • Project Management (Turn-key and shipyard Projects, Maintenance and Organization, QA/QC packages)

  • Surveys and Consulting

  • General Steel Work replacement/renewal

  • Derrick Structural Modification/Repairs/Assembly

  • Painting (Airless spray and brush application)

  • Maintenance and Installation projects

  • Rigging and Lifting

3 - Construction & Maintenance

Structure Maintenance & Welding

Pioneer Inspection has expert rope access welders & inspectors as per international standards to provide structure maintenance with qualitative inspections for client satisfaction.

Pipeline Welding

Pioneer Inspection provides pipe line maintenance services with thickness gauging surveys with experience and certified welders & Inspectors.

Plant or Yard Management Services

Pioneer has high level management services with Quality & Safety Management to our clients for maintaining all inventory and segregation with good housekeeping measures for improving business of our clients

4 - Manpower supply

  • Skilled Manpower (Men & Women) For Production Unit

  • Semi-Skilled Manpower Men & Women) For Production Unit

5 - Diving

  • Underwater Maintenance,

  • Underwater Welding,

  • UWILD Survey

6 - Consultancy &      manpower supply

  • Providing competent man power for Inspections, Surveys, Rope access, NDT, Construction, Lifting, and Project Management services.

  • Providing work solutions as a third party service provider.

  • Certified Welding Team (3G, 4G and 6G)

  • Skilled Painting Team

  • Skilled and Certified Scaffolding Team.

  • All NDT & Load Test equipment’s provided on the basis of Rental.


      Pioneer Inspection has established high level of policies, controls and standards to optimize Quality, Health, Safety, and Environmental performance in all Inspection and allied specialized services. To achieve this goal, Pioneer Inspection strives to continually improve employee competencies to meet product & service requirements for effective implementation of Quality & HSE policies on top priority.


     Pioneer Inspection services meet customer and regulatory requirements on quality & safety through operational suitability of the equipment’s for fit to use by qualified and certified personnel.Carry out inspections & tests ensuring that no incidents and harm to employees & other interested parties and environment. Improve continually on service provision, Improve operational integrity through employee consultation on Quality & HSE matters. Provide all necessary training and certification support to field staff to broaden their knowledge, exposure to new technology and service standards.

Quality Policy

     The policy of Pioneer Inspection is to provide superior quality services in NDE, Lifting Gear Inspection, Inspection of OCTG & BHA products for oil & gas industry and other specialty services including Dropped Object Surveys Comply with applicable customer, legal & other requirements related to services we deal with our goals are Zero complaints on service quality & 100% timely delivery of services to customer within the framework of existing standards, updated & calibrated inspection equipment and qualified, certified & experienced inspection personnel.

QUALITY objectives

  • Includes a commitment to comply with all requirements, including customer, statutory and regulatory requirements.

  • 100% timely delivery of services, inspection & test reports.

  • Zero customer complaints on reporting & product Inspected.

  • Includes a commitment for continual improvement of effectiveness of QMS.

  • Requires Establishment And Review Of Quality Objectives.

Our goal is to continuous improving quality system and a high level of customer satisfaction.

QHSE Policy

Pioneer Inspection is committed to meet or exceed customer requirements on QHSE and strict compliance with safety & environmental regulatory requirements. Our goals are:

  • No incidents,no harm to employees & other involved parties

  • No damage to the environment

It is our policy to

  • Prevent injury and pollution

  • Improve performance of Occupational Health, Safety and Environmental management system

  • Comply with applicable requirements related to Health, Safety hazards and Environmental impacts of NDT & other specialized inspection services to oil & gas

These goals & policy are achieved through implementation of positive health & safety culture operating in a continually improving environment. Employees & other involved parties of Pioneer Inspection shall work in a healthy and safe working environment. They also have a responsibility to ensure a safe working environment is achieved and maintained with no detrimental effect to others and environment. Training and advisory support is provided to improve competence of employees to achieve improvements in health, safety and environmental management syste


      Welcome &Thank you for your interest in Pioneer Inspection Services.We welcome you to review and submit your resume to as many of our open positions as interest you. Pioneer Inspection would like to advise individuals that they should only apply for Pioneer Inspection positions through this website and via the email addresses contained herein Pioneer Inspection personnel will be involved in the review of candidates, the interview process and the confirmation of any offers of employment.



However, we are always keen to meet energetic and talented professionals who would like to join our team. mail your cv to Accounts@pioneerengs.com

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